Stampin’ Up! Best of 25 Years – MARCH


Stampin’ Up! has released the March stamp set for the Best of 25 Years promotion. When I saw this set, I saw super excited because it contains the stamp from the set Upsy Daisy (top left stamp). This is one of my favorite stamps EVER! I use it on a lot of invitations because it can be used for so many different things. So here is your chance to pick it up for just $14.95.  You can check out the other Best of 25 Years stamps HERE.


Here are a couple of examples of cards I have made with the stamp from the new set above.


2 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Best of 25 Years – MARCH

  1. Hi……Just in case you aren’t aware yet, the stamps in this stamp set are not the same size as the original stamps. They are about half the size. So, don’t be disappointed when you get the stamp set, in case you haven’t gotten it yet.
    I am a fellow SU Demo…….I love your work by the way……all of it.

    • Thanks Susie! I was actually reading some threads on Stampin’ Connection last night and came across that information. Not sure how I missed it the last time. Thanks again for letting me know and thanks for visiting my blog!

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