Central Arkansas Vacation


So one of the other things I love doing besides stampin’ is hiking or just being in nature. There is no better feeling than getting away and hiking down a trail to discover the beauty of nature. Luckily, my husband and I share the same passion so that is what most of our vacations center around. Today, I wanted to share a couple pictures from our trip.IMG_3763

One of the places we camped at during the week was Petit Jean State Park. This park was gorgeous and had several amazing hikes. There was a overlook at the farthest eastern point on the mountain and this is the view from that overlook. It was slightly cloudy that day, but it still felt like you could see forever. I love the different colors of the farms below and the trees dotting the landscape.



Another place we visited was Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area and we checked out the falls. This is a favorite swimming hole for the locals. The falls are not tall by any means, but they are impressive in their own way.


Just up the road from Haw Creek on Highway 123 is a one lane bridge that crosses Big Piney Creek. One thing that I will never forget about this trip to Arkansas is the color of the water. The water is a color unlike one I have ever seen here in Illinois. It is a mesmerizing mix of blues and greens and super clear.



Another place for great hiking in Western Arkansas is Devil’s Den State Park. The hike that we took had 2 waterfalls, amazing rock formations and views of Lee Creek. Definitely check out this park if you are ever in the area.



Ok, last of pictures. We called this vacation the “Vacation of Overlooks” because we drove up so many mountains to see amazing views from the overlooks. These are a couple views from Mount Magazine which is the tallest point in Arkansas.

All in all, we had a great trip and it is always nice to escape for a bit into nature. If you have any questions about places to go or sights to see  in Central Arkansas, please feel free to contact me at kalkal55@gmail.com.


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