Northern Illinois Weekend Trip – Starved Rock State Park


We took a couple days away and went camping and hiking in Northern Illinois and wanted to share a couple pictures. We started out hiking at Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, Illinois and if you have never been here, it is an amazing place to visit. It is about an hour and a half from Chicago along the Illinois River. The State Park boasts 18 canyons with seasonal waterfalls. A couple of the canyons were closed due to flooding, but we were still able to see some amazing sights. We had been here a couple years ago and were excited to come back especially since there had been a lot of rain lately so that meant that the waterfalls would really be flowing. The first canyon we visited was Wild Cat Canyon and the water was flowing!

      Northern Illinois 8

It was an amazing sight, but it got even better! There was a second waterfall flowing from the canyon! Amazing!

Northern Illinois 1

One of the other amazing waterfalls was in French Canyon. This is one of my favorite canyons because from the beginning of a trail it looks like a peaceful waterfalls flowing out of a canyon.

Northern Illinois 6

Don’t let a little water deter you, climb over the rocks and into the canyon to see…

Northern Illinois 7

A beautiful waterfall in a hidden canyon.

Northern Illinois 3

But, waterfalls are not the only thing you will see at Starved Rock. Amazing rock formations, creeks and trails await you at every turn. Northern Illinois 2

We also visited Matthiessen State Park which is only a couple minutes from Starved Rock. It is definitely an amazing place to visit if you are in the area. Unfortunately, the water was so high due to all the rain, that we were not able to hike through the Dells. All in all a great time. I hope you can find a hiking trail near you and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Update: I started a new blog all about hiking. Check it out HERE!


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