Books worth reading!!

Ok, so I know I mostly post about stamping and the occasional hiking trip, but I have to tell you about this new author. Her name is Colleen Hoover and she is super talented. In my free time I like to also read, but for a while I was having a hard time finding books that I could really get into. Then I just happened to stumble upon Slammed and completely fell in love with Colleen’s writing style. She is so funny and witty and her writing style is unlike anything I have ever read before. She develops the characters so that you fall in love with them and are captivated from the beginning.  Point of Retreat is the sequel to Slammed and is just as amazing.

Point of Retreat        Slammed

Collen also has another series of book and the first book is titled Hopeless. Ugh..I can’t even begin to express how amazing this book is!! You just have to read it. Today the sequel to Hopeless was released and I read it in 5 hours. It was that good! It is difficult to say, but I think I like this series better than the Slammed series.. Anything by Colleen will be great read. I hope that by posting this, one person checks out this awesome author and enjoys these books as much as I did.

Hopeless       Losing Hope


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