Stampin’ Up! New Photopolymer Stamp Sets


I tell ya what…I am just looooving the stamps in the photopolymer sets that Stampin’ Up! is periodically releasing! They are fun and trendy and right on target. I have been wanting a United States map stamp for a while because we do like to travel a lot and I think it would be a nice additional to my stash. These two great travel sets are called “Map It Out” and “Greetings From”. They are each just $13.95!! That is an incredible price for all of those stamps! These sets would be great for scrapbooking, journaling a vacation or even sending a note to someone who lives out of state. I am already dreaming up the card I am going to send to my brother who is away at school.

Images (c) Stampin' Up!

Images (c) Stampin’ Up!

Greetings From Stampin' Up!

Images (c) Stampin’ Up!

I actually really do love the photopolymer style of stamp, they are super clingy. Some people complain about the smell, but it actually does not bother me that much. I just use the stamp and then put it back away. If you are interested in purchasing these stamps sets, please leave me a comment! Thank you!


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