Happy Birthday!

So today is not only Mother’s Day, but it is my dog’s birthday!  Ellie is 3 today! Did you see her cute new collar? That was her birthday present and I got it from an Etsy store called Charmanique. She has a lot of cute collars and leashes in her store. I love all the trendy patterns! She will even embroider the collar for just a couple dollars more.


In honor of El’s birthday, I made a simple birthday card. My goal is to use up more of my DSP so this is a great simple layout to do so.

DSP birthday

And one more thing =) My husband made the best dinner the other night! He loves to grill so for Christmas I bought him this grilling pan from Bobby Flay. This was his first time using it and he really liked it. He seasoned some chicken breast and once they were done, he topped it with cheese. He then added some grilled onions, cilantro, tomato (to just a few since he doesn’t like tomato) and a squeeze of lime juice. These were delicious…maybe my new favorite meal!


I hope you enjoy your Sunday and get to relax a bit! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone even if you only have a four-legged one =)

Ellie 1


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